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A PhD position is offered

H2020 project ASTEP (Application of Solar Thermal Energy to Processes)


 ASTEP project will create a new innovative Solar Heat for Industrial Processes (SHIP) concept focused on overcoming the current limitations of these systems. This solution seeks a modular and flexible integration between the solar field and the thermal storage system. On the one hand, the solar field is based on an innovative design, conceived by UPM and UNED. On the other hand, the thermal energy storage is based on new Phase Change Materials. These technologies are integrated via a control system which will allow flexible operation to maintain continuous service. ASTEP will demonstrate its capability to cover a substantial part of the heat demand of the process industry at temperatures above 150 ºC and for latitudes where current designs are not able to supply it. Its modularity and compactness will also enable easy installation and repair with reduced space requirements. The ASTEP`s process integration will allow full compatibility with the existing systems of potential end-users of SHIP. These aspects will provide a very competitive solution to substitute fossil fuel consumption.


Submission deadline: July 31st, 2020 or until the position is filled.

Publicado el Friday, 26 de June de 2020