The commitment of the International Relations Office at ETSII is to promote interchange of Students and Staff with the leading academic Engineering Institutions all over the world. Internationalization is one of the strategic principles of the ETSII, within a labor market context, where Engineers are professionals susceptible to develop their careers globally.

International experience is considered a valued skill from the part of employers, and the ETSII provides different possibilities to acquire it, with the numerous partners, and a 30 years old interchange expertise. Nowadays close to 50% of ETSII last year students, develop part of their studies out of Spain.


St. Petersburg International Polytechnic Summer School online

Two International Polytechnic Summer School online courses starting already in early July:

· PolyPhotonics – 3 ECTS (July 06 – 11, 2020)

· Space Technologies – 2 ECTS (July 06 – 11, 2020)


“PolyPhotonics” is a Graduate Summer School course for MSc and PhD (graduate and postgraduate) students. The course opens a magnificent world of photonics and its applications for students. During one week they will be able to take a theoretical course of lectures by the best world experts, supported by a number of master classes. The acquired knowledge will be needed to implement their own telecommunications, biophotonics or fiber optics project during the summer course studies. Presentation of the original projects will be a part of the YETI-2020 conference to complete the training.


Besides, there are 5 scholarships available for the “PolyPhotonics” summer program. To apply for the scholarship students have just to submit a motivation letter to the program supervisors via email ( and before July 01, 2020.


"Space Technologies" is an online summer program suitable for senior undergraduate and graduate students. The course aims to provide advanced techniques of space engineering and understanding the core physics principles related to space exploration. Space industry problems are also considered during the program in addition to technology topics. The theoretical courses cover astrophysics, space technology and physics. The speakers are industry experts and scientists experienced in the field of space technology.


Other benefits of these two online courses:

· Participation fee is 135 EUR (10700 Rub) (twice lower than for our offline courses)

All participants can enjoy 40% discounts for the tuition fee of winter and summer on-campus programs in a relevant field of study in 2021**

· All students will be granted with ECTS-bearing certificates

Socio-cultural program of extracurricular activities and networking events are included


** Available only for students who will have participated in the online courses of a relevant field of study in summer 2020.


Registration deadline is prolonged until July 01, 2020 (old deadline on the webpages will be by tomorrow).


Application form is available here ;


For further questions please contact Summer School coordinators via email:


Distance learning format is a great opportunity and the safest option for students to catch advantages of this challenging period, improve their competences, expand educational background and make unique networking with students from all around the world.

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