The commitment of the International Relations Office at ETSII is to promote interchange of Students and Staff with the leading academic Engineering Institutions all over the world. Internationalization is one of the strategic principles of the ETSII, within a labor market context, where Engineers are professionals susceptible to develop their careers globally.

International experience is considered a valued skill from the part of employers, and the ETSII provides different possibilities to acquire it, with the numerous partners, and a 30 years old interchange expertise. Nowadays close to 50% of ETSII last year students, develop part of their studies out of Spain.


Grabación sesión informativa inicio de movilidad 2021-2022

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se encuentran las grabaciones de :

Sesión informativa inicio movilidad grado 2021-2022: Miércoles 21 de octubre 2020 (La charla para la movilidad en Máster no pudo grabarse. La de grado es muy similar.)

Sesiones informativas finales previas a la movilidad 2020-2021:
Erasmus: jueves 18 de junio 2020
No Erasmus: viernes 20 de junio 2020



Publicado el Wednesday, 21 de October de 2020